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THE BARS is a subtle modality that works directly with electro-magnetic energy stored in the body. Based on 32 specific channels or bars of energy that run through and around the head, this practice releases habitual thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs. Through a series of light touches, locked energy is released and cleared away.

THE BARS is an incredibly nurturing and restorative process, undoing limitation in all aspects of your life. The treatment is hightly afffective in overcoming mental, emotional or physical stress. THE BARS is helpful in working with migraines, insomnia, anxiety and depression.


  • Deep relaxation
  • Increased mental clarity + focus
  • Eases tension headaches + migraines
  • Reduces anxiety + depression
  • Stills mind chatter
  • Generates a delta, or theta brain wave state
  • Eases insomnia
  • Increases conscious awareness

Highly recommended recommended for athletes, or students preparing for exams as it deepens your ability to maintain consistent focus and is extremely energizing to the body.

THE BARS 1H Session
or ADD ON 30M
to our GROUND, REPATTERN, or UNRAVEL massages
Wear comfortable clothing

THE BARS is offered exclusively by Alex Edward Colligan at Earthbody.
With a background as a professional athlete, coach, and wellness facilitator, Alex has been working on stress reduction therapies for over 20 years.  A graduate of Brenneke School of Holistic Health, his experience has spanned multiple disciplines including physical therapy clinics and sports teams. Alex’s approach to bodywork includes creating a space of openness for his clients. His modalities include Myofascial Release, Unwinding, Swedish, Deep Tissue with a conscious energy component. Alex aims to provide the most nurturing and healing environment possible, which can invite a gentle shift to a state of well being. His focus on the energy systems of the body and how to leverage them has brought forth a renewed attention to energy medicine, and what is truly possible when attending to
the mind – body – spirit connection.

Click to learn more about THE BARS.

Alex Colligan

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