Double Joy | Half Sorrow

Double Joy I Half Sorrow

Double Joy | Half SorrowHave you ever heard something so funny when you were alone that it made you laugh out loud and think, “I wish so-and-so was here!”? Or maybe you were shopping and saw something beautiful that you knew your partner would adore. That feeling of “I wish you were here,” is something that we can all relate to, especially in times of joy. Many songs have been written about this, and countless postcards with that same sentiment have been printed. We humans are a social and generous lot. We like to share.
There’s a Swedish proverb that states “Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow.” Connection amplifies experience.

Though sometimes we feel the pressures of our own lives and may feel like we’re doing it alone, it’s simply not true. That’s the beauty of solid, intimate relationships. We get to open up to one another and disclose the discoveries, heartbreaks, fears and dreams.

Are there areas of your life in which you can deepen your relationships by experiencing union? Perhaps you’ve held back in talking about your personal spiritual practices from friends. Have you read any books that have inspired you, that might be helpful to someone you know? Have you fallen in love with a beauty or body care treatment that a dear friend could benefit from? You are abundance. Share a part of your experience with another and watch it grow two-fold.

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