Grounding Rituals

Rituals to Ground

Grounding Rituals~you are loved~

visualization | the cord

Take a comfortable, upright seat. Soften the gaze. As you come to rest, Visualize a gold coin between your navel and the front of the spine. Breathe. Allow the coin to grow to a ripe grapefruit. then grow it to a channel as wide as your hips. Descend through to the center of the Earth.

practice | morning pages

Write in a stream of consciousness till you fill 3 pages. Refrain from editing or reading your entry. The practice is to simply engage in the process of bringing thought onto paper. This can inspire inner confidence, trust, and relieve anxiety about what is left unsaid.

food | warm nourishment

Cook your meals! Cold fruits, raw food, and iced drinks can create instability in the body. Refrain from the chilled edibles and begin warming your food You are what you eat.

Try this nourishing recipe of kichari. It’s tridoshic, easy to digest, a complete protein, and fun to make.

experience | massage

Self-massage can be a deeply healing experience. Use a body oil or our decadent indulge body balm made with mango and avocado, lavender and sandalwood to nourish, root, and bring stillness. Best just out of the shower. If you’d like the support of a professional therapist, let us know and we can help. Massage helps us teel again.

mantra | ‘I am connected to the Earth.’

Affirm what is true. Repeat throughout the day to remind yourself of the link you formed earlier in the day.

root chakra | LAM

Speak the powerful syllable LAM (as in ‘calm’) to vibrate the root chakra at the perineum.

asana | downward dog

Get on all fours. Place your hands just under your shoulders with your fingers spread facing forward and knees hip width apart. Press down consciously through your hands. Tilt your tailbone up and sit bones up toward the ceiling. Activate your abdomen. Press heels downward. Breathe

myth: the more I have, the more I am.

To be grounded is to be utterly confidant in who you are. To practice this confidence give something away that you value. When we give, we realize our wealth lies within.

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