Massage for Mom

Give your hardworking mom the gift of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with a soothing mom massage. We offer tailored massage sessions designed to provide much-needed relief and pampering for moms. Our skilled therapists will create a personalized experience, targeting areas of tension and stress. Let your mom unwind as gentle hands ease away the pressures of everyday life, leaving her feeling refreshed and revitalized. Treat your mom to a well-deserved break with a mom massage at Earthbody. Book now and show her how much you appreciate her dedication and love!


1H • 179 | 1H 30M • 244

Devoted to women entering motherhood, this nurturing prenatal massage focuses on the special needs of pregnancy by relieving tension and stress on joints and stabilizing hormone levels. Be utterly supported. Eases the physical discomforts of pregnancy through rhythmic strokes and skillful depth. Our team of specialized prenatal massage therapists will safely and effectively melt tension in the upper shoulders, lower back, hips, and feet in a comfortable side-lying position. Ideal for new mommas anytime after the first trimester all the way until the day of birth. Please consult with your physician before your session.



1H • 179 | 1H 30M • 244

After childbirth, massage therapy can a powerful tool to support the transition from pregnancy to parenthood. Touch is a simple, direct way to soothe nerves and restore balance to the body. Nurture the mom who nurtures the child. We recommend creating a treatment plan with your therapist to support mind-body wellness for a period of time during this life transition.



2H • 399 per person

One of our most sacred bonds gets celebrated in our Mother Daughter Spa Ritual. Rest in silence and indulge in a transformative experience with your Super Woman for life. The Mother Daughter spa package begins with the Ultimate Foot Ritual to reconnect to Mother Earth. Get whisked away onto your organic cotton bed for a rejuvenating full body massage, a complete head-to-toe body brushing, an enzyme face mask and essential head massage. Need we say more?


Deepen your treatment with a ritual crafted exclusively for the new momma.

Heated Hands + Foot Massage

“Inspire” to include within your treatment for $29

Add on to extend your treatment by 15 min $36

Begin with a hot towel for each hand, slowly working through the fingers, palm and forearms. The soothing work continues with Organic Shea Butter for tired feet, dry heels, and swollen ankles.

Hair Brushing + Scalp Massage

“Inspire” to include within your treatment for $29

Add on to extend your treatment by 15 min $36

Have your massage therapist massage and brush your hair with warm botanical oils free of fragrances. A perfect way to complete your treatment, this ritual supports deeper sleep, full body integration, and peace of mind.

Belly Massage + Hip Release

“Inspire” to include within your treatment for $29

Add on to extend your treatment by 15 min $36

Enjoy a gentle abdominal massage of warm botanical oils while in side-lying position, relieving pressure from the hip joint. Connect with your baby in total relaxation. (Available after the first trimester only and with the consent of your physician.)

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