A Yoga Practice for Clarity and Empowerment

A Yoga Practice for Clarity and Empowerment

A Yoga Practice for Clarity and Empowerment

Tuesday, 18th June 2013

Get centered, digest your experiences and see life more clearly with this yoga asana practice from Brenna Geehan, ERY.

You can join Brenna Geehan at her upcoming workshop:
Yoga on Your Own – Develop a Home Practice
July 21st 1:15-4:15 at Yoga Tree Stanyan

One of my favorite things about being a yoga teacher is witnessing how well the teachings work. Time and time again, I receive feedback from students that through particular types of practices, they were able to harness their energy and make the next move in their life with greater steadiness and power.

One of my students, I’ll call her Cynthia, recently explained to me that after we did a practice that focused on twisting postures, she was able to see clearly that the relationship she was in with her avoidant and mean boyfriend had to end.  The next day, she took action and did just that.  She was inspired to tell me because she felt so much more powerful and happy since she had walked away from that bad relationship.

Twist poses are essential in the yoga asana practice not only to keep the spine free, but it also massages the organs that govern digestion and elimination.  This massaging helps the organs work more efficiently, but there is also a psychological effect. Twists have a centering quality because they work with and concentrate energy into our physical center (the navel).  Yoga subscribes to the notion that thoughts follow energy. If our energy is being centered, our mind will become centered and focused as well. Likewise, if our energy is helping with digestion physically, it will help with mental digestion as well.

This is why the twist practice helped Cynthia so much.  When she got centered in her practice, she was able to feel how her relationship was throwing her off-center.  She knew something needed to change. She directed that steadiness in a powerful way towards resolving the issue. And still weeks later, she was feeling happy about her decision.  Yoga would suggest that she was digesting that experience very well! Regardless of whether or not a break up is your idea, there is a lot of processing and digesting to be done as we go through life.

Yoga in general helps us to build energy (power) and gives us the resolve to make a change.  So whether you need to get centered in order to see life more clearly or you simply need to balance your digestion, below is a short yoga asana practice that will help.

Brenna created this 14-minute yoga practice for centering and digestion. Listen and let us know your experience with this sequence in the comments, below!

Brenna is a dedicated yoga teacher in San Francisco who currently teaches Hatha Flow and Yoga Nidra classes at Yoga Tree. She leads Sri Yoga Teacher Trainings and is available for private consultations

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