What's Your Morning Routine?

Explore Your Self With Writing

What's Your Morning Routine?

Tuesday, 13th August 2013

Whether you consider yourself a writer or not, the term is loaded—mainly because writing is a practice. When we feel the need to declare ourselves a noun (writer), there is often an accompanying set of pressures that come along with it.

When we stay in the realm of verbs, we acknowledge the courage and creativity it takes to do the act of writing each day. Author Walter Mosley says there are two reasons you should write every day: “Getting the work done and connecting with your unconscious mind.” The second implies that it’s the act that counts—the connecting with yourself, not the product. Write with playfulness, darkness, sadness, happiness—write and be you in each moment and see what you find along the way.

From free-writing to recounting life stories to mashing those up to form something called fiction, here are a few locations that offer classes and communities to get you on the path to writing.

1. The Grotto
The Grotto is a place that offers writing classes taught by working writers in that genre.

2. The Writing Salon
The Writing Salon is a school of creative writing for adults (beginners to advanced) that offers small classes in writing and publishing. The daily write “Round Robin” is a unique program of theirs that focuses on writing daily, enjoying the process of writing freely, and sharing your work on a rotating basis with classmates.

3. Feast of Words – A Literary Potluck
On the third Tuesday of each month, SOMArts hosts a potluck for writers and foodies to come together and share their words and eats. Featured guests include those from both culinary and literary backgrounds. On-the-spot writing contests and prizes should be expected.

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