Arina ShamesMeet Arina Shames, Esthetician + Reiki Master

Arina began her love of esthetics as a child when she would by accompanying her mother to facial treatments which was a vital part to her mother’s overall well-being. Because of this regular ritual, Arina learned how healing facials could be to sustaining a healthy and youthful appearance over a lifetime. But it wasn’t until Arina developed skin sensitivities that she deepened her knowledge of esthetics. Once she immersed herself into the world of professional skin care, she found her passion.

Arina is certified in Advanced Facial Massage Techniques including European, Shiatsu and Chinese Gua Sha massages along with attunements for second-degree Reiki. She is an advocate for holistic esthetics and loves to help clients achieve great results with non-invasive treatments.

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