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Inspire Your Treatment ULTIMATE FOOT RITUAL : 30M • 65
Open up to the Earth with the ancient ritual of cleansing the feet and lower leg through an invigorating sequence of massage and point work before your session in a detoxifying foot soak made just for you.
The world is at your feet.

A deep healing science which works with specific areas of the feet to stimulates the glands, organs, and various parts of the body incorporated within your massage
or facial treatment.


Wellness Plans Commit to your well-being with a series of treatments in massage and bodywork

Basic Goodness
series of 3 (save $15)
1H • $522 : 1H 30M • $717

Heart of Compassion
series of 6 (save $60)
1H • $1014 : 1H 30M • $1404

series of 12 (save $180)
1H • $1968 : 1H 30M • $2748

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