Healing After An Accident

I’ve walked away from four car accidents, two bicycle accidents, a gymnastics incident that tore my ACL, multiple broken bones, ankle sprains, dog bites, falls, cuts, and gashes. I thought everyone experienced injury as much as I did.

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Alchemy of Being: A Women's Circle


What will you do with your one precious life?

Alchemy of Being is an intimate gathering for women designed to clarify obstacle, awaken personal truth and release what no longer serves.

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Dying Not Dead

We have a small collection of potted orchids in our home. These same plants have lived with us for nearly a decade, give or take. But no one’s been counting. If I’m honest, I must admit that I think of our orchids exactly twice a year.

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Breath Work + Herbs: Resources for Self Care

It's been over a week since the wildfires lit up the North Bay. If you live in the Bay Area, it’s likely that you too have experienced the aftermath of smoke and the eerie haze and stories of devastation. It's the times of crisis that remind us of our practice.

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The Eyes Have It: Face Mapping Part 3

The Art of Face Mapping Part 3 of 6

Inspiration comes in many forms -- even in the form of breaking out. Breaking out can be the perfect invitation to deepen your personal practice. Imagine if you see your freshly formed zit and are able to recognize your kidneys are depleted.

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