Transform the New Year

How to Conciously TransformTransform in the New Year

Tuesday, 1st January 2013

The new year never arrives empty handed. It is a time brimming of potential full of the charge of last year on its heels. Just about everyone I know has been put through the ringer.

Some of this was inspired through death of a loved one or the end of a relationship, while others changed through the birth of their first child or the start of a career. Whether or not the turn was wanted, to move forward required change. I’m dedicating this month of letters to the theme of transformation – How do we do it? What holds us back? Who do we need to make the leap? If we believe it’s possible what does it look like?

I think change is how the universe loves us. She destroys our sand castle and the thing we’ve depended on, invested in – can no longer be how we define ourselves. In short, we’re forced to evolve. Losing our ground is a good sign that we’re in a season of change. This is a gift to start the new year right. I’ve created a workbook called 2013: A Journey for One. It’s workbook to consciously process and step into who you need to become.

I can’t say that I hope only good things come to you this year. (I think that’s thoughtless because it’s not possible and b) I think it communicates a lack of trust with the unknown) So instead I wish that you see the good in what comes to you this year. There is always goodness in every engagement. Even if the change you’re experiencing is painful, there is goodness in letting go, in being shaken, in becoming aware of every breath, step, thought, wish, and fear. I hope you enjoy the guide.


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