Self Care Practices

Seven Self Care Tips That Work @ Work


In order to stay balanced and energized at work, it's important to take care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Otherwise the stress of work takes its toll and burnout ensues. Try these self-care tips for the mind, body and soul as a way to reduce stress at work.

Stay in the Present.
Your power is in the present moment. Feel your breath, notice sensations in your body, be with your current activity and this will help you to stay balanced.

Focus on the Positive.
Avoid getting caught in complaining or gossiping sessions at work and instead focus on what you appreciate in your life, at work, and in others. This will uplift your mind and melt stress away.

Balance your brain.
To balance the right and left sides of the brain (creative and logical) do some brain gym exercises such as touching your hands to opposite knees, or looking up and to the left, then down and to the right, and up and to the right, then down and to the left.

Listen to your body.
Periodically throughout the day, check in with your body to see what it needs. Does it need food or water? Is it tired and needs a rest or perhaps a walk outdoors to refresh it? Are there emotions percolating that need to be acknowledged, felt and released? Give the body what it needs and it will feel less stressed.

Bring awareness away from your mind and into your body. Feel your feet connected to the floor and the earth. Then become aware of an invisible grounding cord that flows from the base of your spine all the way down to the center of the planet. Imagine this grounding cord being as wide as your hips so you can easily release any stress, tension or built up emotions down it and into the earth.

Stand up and shake and shimmy your whole body as a way to release stress and re-energize.

Practice compassion and forgiveness.
Being compassionate and forgiving towards yourself and others for mishaps and mistakes is a nurturing way to care for the soul. Remember that people are doing the best they can, given their current circumstances, beliefs and upbringing. Connect to your heart and soul, and shine love wherever you go.

As you go throughout the busyness of your day, remember to practice one or more of these self-care tips as a way to stay balanced and energized and reduce stress at work.


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