Self Care Practices

Nadi Shodana: The Sweet Breath

sweet Try it: Nadi Shodana: alternate nostril breathing

Do first thing in morning

Effects: energizing, balancing, clearing

1. Take the first 2 fingers of your right hand and either fold them in or place them on your 3rd eye.

2. Place your ring finger and thumb gently on each nostril

3. Take a deep breath in

4. Before exhaling, close the ring finger against the left nostril

5. Exhale out the right nostril

6. Keeping the left nostril closed, Inhale through the right side

7. Close the right side with your thumb; exhale out the left side

8. Inhale left side

9. Exhale right

10. Continue breath like this, switching sides before each exhale (ie. inhale right, exhale left, inhale left, exhale right) for 3-5 minutes

11. Release your hand and breathe deeply for another 1-2 minutes

This breath is for:

Physical and emotional balance
Simultaneously grounding and energizing
Great for increased mental clarity and preparation for meditation

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