Summer Ritual


1.5H • 279 Limited Time Only

Jasmine & Tangerine Essential Oil Massage • Lemongrass Back Exfoliation • Spearmint Foot Scrub & Massage
Get your summer glow on! In this 90-minute luxurious ritual, be cleansed exfoliated, and massaged at once. Experience an organic lemongrass sugar polish for the back, a decadent spearmint scrub for the feet, and restorative full body massage with Calendula, Holy Basil & California Poppy infused Oil to revitalize from within.

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Inpsire Body Oil


4 fl oz • 23

Inspire is an organic dry body oil designed to kindle joy while reviving natural lustre. The botanical oils of apricot and sunflower nourish elasticity. The healing herbs of passionflower, holy basil, and chamomile relieve tension. Tangerine, jasmine, and vanilla restore hope.