Meet Tammy Schmitt, CMT

Tammy has a mindful, nurturing touch with a relaxed, professional demeanor that allows her to work well with a variety of clients in whatever state they arrive. ~ Denmo

Tammy graduated with honors from the National Holistic Institute in 2008 where her journey into the healing arts was born. After working closely with an expectant mother through pregnancy, she focused her work on prenatal and postnatal care. Tammy is trained as a doula which offers her a deep understanding of the specific needs of an expectant mother. Working along side a chiropractor for seven years, Tammy also specializes in treating those who are recovering from accidents, injuries and chronic pain, with a particular focus on holistic healing to addresses the root cause.

“My specialties are prenatal, postnatal and deep tissue bodywork. I was inspired to do most of my continuing education in prenatal massage after an amazing experience of working with an expectant mother though her pregnancy and for many years beyond."

“One of the reasons my work is so dynamic is because I receive regular work myself. It has been an immensely helpful way to learn and experience new techniques. Growing in this profession is my passion and I look forward to meeting you in my journey."

Experience Tammy’s nurturing bodywork today!