Organic Treatments

Rest is Assured.

Whether you’ve scheduled an organic facial, a therapeutic massage, or one of our exclusive Ritual Treatments, your session will be eco + bio conscious.



“My skin is so soft. What kind of oil did you use?”

At EarthBody, our products are so natural you could eat them. Yes, it’s true. We have 5 different base products including certified organic oils, raw unrefined butters and vegan lotions. We order our product oils in small batches to ensure freshness of the best stuff. We recommend keeping the oils used during your session on for a few hours to let the nutrients soak deep within the tissues. Our oils are non-staining and carry no fragrances.


“Wow, that was incredible. My entire body melted. Where’d you learn to do that?”

At EarthBody our Therapists have a minimum of 500 hours of focused training and several years of hands-on experience. We take bodywork seriously. We have chosen therapists who share a common vision in the power to restore health holistically. Every month we offer several workshops to support continued education. Nothing compares to working with a skilled, passionate therapist. Trust us.


“I feel so relaxed here – aromatherapy works..”

Smell triggers memory. Tapping into memory can unlock physical tension and release mental fatigue. So we’ve incorporated a selection of essential oils to journey with you through your massage, facial, or Ayurvedic treatment. We never charge more to weave in our handcrafted products during your session. It’s our gift to you, should you desire, to experience non-synthetic, pure flower essentials each and every time.

We offer three belnds to choose from. Choose between RECOVER, a stimultating musle rub, INDULGE a calming body balm, or INFUSE an uplifting body moisturizer. Every session is tailored to you. That’s the essential difference.


“I think I fell asleep. I wasn’t completely asleep. But I went somewhere else..”

Did you know that the sheets that envelope you during treatment are certified organic fair trade cotton? Fair Trade certification, coupled with organic certification, ensures that the organic cotton farmer is protected from price fluctuations in the world market and ensures farmers an enhanced standard of living.

In Fair Trade projects women and men are paid equally and child labor is prohibited. Fair Trade villages receive technical support in improving organic practices and are afforded opportunities through Farmer Field Schools to share and learn from each other.

We’d like to also mention the yummy tea we offer before and after session is Fair Trade Certified Organic.

So lay back – you are doing great. Heal the self – save the world.


“Take a deep breath…”

Candles can make any room magical, welcoming, and mysterious. But let’s take a look closer. A typical candle contains petroleum ingredients lead, synthetic fragrance, and can leave behind waste. Who wants to inhale that?

At EarthBody, we proudly use soy tea lights in our space and treatment rooms. So when you’re turning over and taking a deep, full inhale from the relief of that stubborn knot in your upper back, you can know that you’re air is not filled with carcinogens. We think that’s cool.


“Enough about me, what do you think about me?”

We’re here for you.
When you come in for a treatment at EarthBody, we will spend time before the session to really hear you. Go on, speak up. Let us know what’s going on with your body. We are present, willing and able. After you’ve had a blissful session, feel free to remain in the zone. However, we’re always available for a post session dialogue if you’d like some self-care tips to continue your own care.

The ways to heal the bodymind are infinite.


“ That was the best massage I ever had.”

Every session includes a series we’ve designed — a rite of passage, if you will — to guide you through your treatment. We find these integral to getting the most out of your bodycare. It’s our way of engaging the five senses.

  • hot infused foot towels
  • white algae eye pillows
  • warm herbal packs
  • flower hydrosol
  • essential oil + body butter
  • seasonal dish of nuts + fruits
  • post treatment tea service

The 6th sense awakens which governs inner confidence and compassion.

Practice conscious therapy.

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