About Us

Part sanctuary, part apothecary, Earthbody is a refuge for the senses. As San Francisco’s only organic day spa owned and operated by therapists, our urban temple is a sacred space to rekindle the soul through organic products and intuitive treatment. Experience a world of healing in massage and bodywork, holistic skincare, couples massage, and rituals. Return to the inner sanctuary.

We’re located in the heart of the Hayes Valley district in San Francisco. Our highly skilled therapists tailor each treatment to the intricacies of your body. Treatment begins the moment you enter. You may feel transported to another time. You may slow down. The quality of your breath may alter. You may change.

Our Values

To serve with love
To infuse treatments with intuition
To create an organic experience
To transform with skill & intention
To inspire insight through awareness
To encourage spaciousness
To heal within

Our Aspiration

To create a space for embodiment.
To foster healing from deep within.
To mindfully release habitual patterns.
To celebrate self love and the divine body.
To be open to the wisdom and joy of this life.
To nurture an environment that encourages mindfulness and inner peace.

Our Commitment

100% organic oils, no fillers.
Full-length treatment time.
Handcrafted, local bodycare.
Transformative, holistic treatments.
No hidden extra charges.
Committed to zero waste.

What to Expect at Earthbody

Our treatments were designed to awaken the Body-Mind, a union of physical, mental, and emotional health. Whether you’re in for a single session or series of treatments with any of our incredible healers, this is what you can expect:

Physical Success

Relieve stress, pain, and points of tension
Lengthen constricted muscle groups
Increase mobility, blood flow, and endorphins

Emotional Success

Reduces anxiety
Inspires well-being
Deepens self awareness

Mental Success

Quiets thoughts
Promotes confidence
Increases alertness

Included in Every Session

Every session includes a series we’ve designed — a rite of passage, if you will — to guide you through your treatment. Whether it’s a therapeutic massage or Ritual Treatment, it is designed to be eco-conscious and tailored to your needs. Our products, including certified organic oils, raw unrefined butters are so natural you could eat them. 

Our therapists are experienced and passionate, with a minimum of 500 hours of focused training. We continuously support their growth through workshops, ensuring that you receive the best care possible. Aromatherapy is integrated into each treatment, using non-synthetic, pure flower essentials to create a truly unique and relaxing experience.
We take pride in our ethical practices, using certified organic fair trade cotton sheets for your comfort and offering Fair Trade Certified Organic tea before and after your session.
At Earthbody, we prioritize listening to you and addressing your concerns. Our therapists dedicate time before and after your session to understand your needs and provide self-care tips. Each session is designed to engage all five senses and guide you through a transformative journey, providing the best possible experience for your body and mind.

The Team

Our highly-skilled massage therapists and licensed estheticians join Earthbody with a passion for the healing arts of therapeutic massage, deep bodywork, organic skincare, and holistic therapies. Our massage therapists have a background in Eastern and Western philosophies namely Thai, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point therapies. Each therapist has a dedication within the field, a personal practice, and a story that led him or her to the work they do.

Denmo Ibrahim

Founder & CEO

Denmo began Earthbody as a one-room private massage practice in 2007.  Through word of mouth and transformative treatments, Earthody evolved into an award winning organic day spa. She offers coaching for personal growth, business, and life transitions. Her sessions weave intuition with years of training in bodywork, anatomy, and healing, meditation, and Ayurveda. Denmo is a graduate of the World School of Holistic Healing, the San Francisco School of Massage and holds an MFA in movement from Naropa University.  She has studied intensively with Bonnie Banbridge Cohen, founder of Body Mind Centering. She also formulates Omcali Sacred Skincare, a botanical line of organic skincare made with whole plants inspired by Ayurveda and handcrafted in San Francisco.

Shauna Uzeta

Certified Massage Therapist

Shauna has been practicing massage since 2003. She completed her massage training at the School of Healing Arts in San Diego, and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences. She uses two distinct styles of massage – one is flowing and nurturing to soothe you into deep relaxation, and the other is detailed and deep to address chronic muscular tension and imbalances. She frequently integrates pressure point work and may incorporate stretching or a number of other techniques to create a session for your specific needs. She enjoys teaching clients how to support their physical/mental/emotional/spiritual health through holistic lifestyle practices.

Tammy Schmitt

Certified Massage Therapist

Tammy graduated with honors from the National Holistic Institute in 2008 where her journey into massage and bodywork was born. Tammy works deeply to assist in healing chronic pain, with a particular focus on holistic and energetic care to address the root cause. Another specialty of Tammy’s is prenatal and postnatal treatments. Tammy has worked as a doula, which offers her a deep understanding of the specific needs of expectant and nursing clients.

Vanessa Lombardo

Certified Massage Therapist

“Growing up I witnessed my mom working several jobs at a time and seeing her go through so many different ailments made me feel like I needed to do something to ease her pain. I gave her foot massages or scalp massages to make her feel more relaxed after a long day at work. This made me realize that I love giving massages because she felt relieved and relaxed afterwards. Seeing how grateful and better she felt was a great reward for myself and this made me want to continue in a field where I can heal or make people feel renewed in their body.”

Vanessa graduated from the National Holistic Institute at the top of her class and is well versed in Myofascial Therapy, Reflexology and Deep Tissue massage modalities. Vanessa integrates these modalities in her tailored sessions, accentuated by her intuitive, touch. A wife and mother of a two, Vanessa is a caring and sensitive individual. Her work focuses on helping people find relief from everyday stress and tension so they can achieve balance.

Jimmie Bohanon

Certified Massage Therapist

Jimmie is a student of functional holistic wellness and healing. Her journey in the healing arts began when she experienced chronic illness early in life. She has studied Western and Thai massage in the US and Thailand, and finds positive outcomes from integrating mindfulness and therapeutic stretching into massage treatments. Jimmie believes that we all deserve to be empowered with self care knowledge to enjoy life with greater ease.

Margaret Farrow

Certified Massage Therapist

Margaret’s love for massage therapy began while studying holistic health at San Francisco State University. There she found her aptitude for working with her hands and her interest in alternative and complementary healthcare. She is a graduate of National Holistic Institute and Mckinnon Body Therapy Center. Margaret’s attentive and perceptive touch coupled with her knowledge of anatomy and movement enable her to offer relief from stress, pain, and reduced range of motion. She is also well suited to work with clients recovering from trauma.

Damien Souza

Certified Massage Therapist

“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.” -C.C. Scott     This wisdom has been the foundation of Damien’s practice since completing his massage program at the World School of Massage in San Francisco in 2009. He believes that if we allow ourselves to connect and recognize our true being, we find ourselves in a place of power, peace, and health on all levels. His dream is to support this process through integrated massage techniques designed to return awareness to our bodies, minds, and spirits and ultimately shift our habits and perspectives to a place of possibility and abundance.

Sandi Gutstein

Certified Massage Therapist

Sandi is a graduate of Zen Shiatsu Chicago and loves integrating deep tissue, shiatsu, Swedish, and reflexology into her sessions. After sustaining an injury, she experienced a profound healing from ongoing bodywork. Since then she has dedicated herself to the healing arts and sharing her knowledge with others. She is guided by the belief that the body seeks health and balance. Her work focuses on supporting her clients’ ability to listen to their body’s intuition to heal from pain, trauma, and restore balance. She has been a practitioner since 2014.

Thomas Freitas

Certified Massage Therapist

Thomas started his journey as a massage therapist in 2011 after training at the International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego. From 2012 to 2020 he worked at hotels and resorts where he specialized in treatments utilizing deep tissue sculpting, Swedish massage, Lomi Lomi, reflexology, scrubs and wraps. The focus of his bodywork is the integration of the mind and body by blending a combination of modalities to help facilitate a healing environment.