Can I get a deep tissue massage at EarthBody?
We incorporate Deep Tissue into all of our treatments. Deep Tissue massage refers to the layer contacted when working, the deep layers of muscle. It is extremely therapeutic when crafted with other modalities to allow the muscle to naturally open so that contact can be made with a deeper layer. We recommend the REPATTERN for those seeking deeper work. Read more about our BODYWORK.

This is my first massage. What do I need to know or do?

Check your booking confirmation email for instructions and required forms to complete. Plan for time to park and arrive 5 minutes before your appointment.

What’s Up.
Speak to your therapist about what’s going on with your body and let them know if you have an intention for your session

The fuller your breath the easier it is for the muscles to unwind. Make the most of your session by inhaling and exhaling fully in the first few moments.

Speak Up.
Let your therapist know if the pressure is comfortable. Don’t be shy. This is after all for you.

Do Nothing Else.
You may want to help by lifting an arm or a leg. It’s actually easier for us if you let yourself be heavy and refrain from engaging any muscles while the work is happening.

Do I get undressed for a session?
You can undress to your level of comfort. Throughout the session, you will be covered with a sheet and blanket with only the area being worked on exposed.

Do you offer facials?
We have an amazing holistic skin care program. However, do to social distancing we aren’t able to provide facials at this time.
Our Facials are customized to your skin type. So whether you are looking for a deep cleanse, an anti-oxidizing treatment, or simply our most classic facial we choose the most perfect products for your skin. We use OSEA a line featureing medical algaes and freshwater sea algae and Earthbody’s therapeutic line of certified organic roots, herbs and plant oils to nourish from within.

What is the difference between a GROUND and a REPATTERN?
The GROUND session is tailored for those with a regular care who are looking to maintain a state of health. it’s also an excellent treatment to settle the body and relieve physical discomfort. The REPATTERN is more specifically for those who have not had bodywork for some time, those with chronic pain, or individuals looking for deeper work. THE REPATTERN allows time to begin to re-educate the muscles to release habitual ways of moving.

• Is massage or bodywork a good idea if I’m feeling under the weather?

If you’re sick it’s best to rest at home. Please follow guidelines of waiting at least 2 weeks from the onset of illness.

• I recently had an injury. Can bodywork help?

Speak with your Primary Care Physician about the best method of care for you. Depending on the injury Bodywork can usually help. Either through directly working on the injury or working on the muscles surrounding the injury that have been taking on more of the work.

How often should I receive a bodywork session?
It depends but generally speaking, for maintenance we recommend once a month for at least an hour. If you are coming for a specific concern and are looking to relieve it, we recommend coming once a week for at least 4-6 weeks. During this time your body will begin to open and release. it’s important that you come in before the muscles go back to the pattern of chronic pain it began. This is way regular care often in a shorter window of time is important. If you’ve never had bodywork and it has not been a practice you’ve incorporated in your life, then we suggest you commit to 4 times a year – once every three months.

The most important thing in the end isn’t how often you return but that you do.

What is the difference between massage and a bodywork?
Massage works with a prescribed series or techniques to relieve muscle and overall calm the body. Massage is a traditional means to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Bodywork has a slightly different intention. It tends to be more of a dialogue that can incorporate several modalities at once. It can also be a more advanced form of working because in essence the therapist is working with the body in the moment to find the tension, work with the constriction and then find a way to release it. In this way it’s altogether customized to the client. Bodywork requires deep listening and is excellent for those with health concerns. Massage is excellent for everyone. When you come in for treatment just let your therapist know if you’d like your session tailored more for repair or relaxation and we’ll take it from there.

• I’m interested in a throwing a spa party. What options do you have?
We would love to help host your party! Send us a message with some of the details about your group and we will follow up to discuss the best options.

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