Self Massage

Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Massage

Self Massage
Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Massage
Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Massage

Before massaging each body part, place a small amount of body conditioner in your hands and rub your palms together.

1.    Neck ~ Starting where your neck and shoulder meet, sweep up toward the head with a slow open palm. Repeat 3X.

2.    Shoulders ~ Using your opposite hand, reach across to massage from where your shoulder and arm meet up toward your neck. Repeat 3X. Switch sides.

3.    Arms ~ Move up the forearm, elbow, and bicep in a slow, upward stroke. Repeat 3X. Switch sides.

4.    Chest ~ Massage the pattern of a figure eight across your chest, including your pectorals and breastbone. Repeat 3X.

5.    Abdomen ~ Start at the top of your belly and work clockwise in a full circle.

6.    Lower Back ~ Cross over to reach your back and without straining, massage your lower back and oblique muscles in a circular motion. Repeat 3X. Switch sides.

7.    Buttocks ~ Reach behind to massage your buttocks in a circular motion. Repeat 3X.

8.    Thighs ~ Starting at your knees, work upward, cupping both sides of one thigh. Repeat 3X. Switch sides.

9.    Knees ~ Massage your entire knee joint with both hands in a circular motion, including both the front and back. Repeat 3X. Switch sides.

10.  Calves ~ Starting at your ankles, work upward with cupped hands to massage one calf at a time. Repeat 3X. Switch sides.

11.  Feet ~ Take a comfortable seat. To massage the bottoms of your feet, make a fist and use your knuckles to stroke from the heel to toe. Place your hand on top of your foot and sweep upward around the ankle. Cup the heel and circle around. Repeat 3X. Switch sides.


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