The Wisdom of Island Time

Island Time: a vacuum of time created by the presence of the ocean. A care-free laid back aura. A time away well spent that refreshes and revives.

Even if you’re not on an island right now, here are a few tips to create Island Time anywhere.

1)    Leave your phone at home.
You may find that you’re more present when your face isn’t in a screen.

2)    Hide the clock.
If you don’t know where you’re supposed to be, you’re more likely to know where you are.

3)    Wake up at sunrise.
The days last longer if you get a head start. And it’s also a great way to discover new adventures at home, especially when you find yourself in a new time of day.

4)    Drink a pint of warm water with fresh lemon first thing in the morning.
It helps to flush the liver and make you go, go, go, which means you’ll just feel lighter.

5)    Stare into space.
Your mind will thank you for taking a break from thinking. Promise.

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