The Wisdom of Breaking Out

(And The Glorious Art of Face Mapping: Part 2 of 6)

As the largest organ of the body, the skin’s primary function (along with the brilliant ability to protect, absorb and regulate temperature) is to detox and filter. Skin is ultimately a reflection of one’s overall health and state of wellbeing.

So while we may be bummed about the zit on our nose that no amount of concealer can hide, it is a good sign that your body is serving its purpose. What does it mean when we break out in our third eye? Let’s see what tradition tells us.


Organ Connection: Liver, spleen
Possible Underlying Issues: Anxiety, anger, repressed emotions

Acne between the eyebrows may be a sign that the liver is working too hard. Because the liver acts as a filter for the body, taxing the liver can be linked to the challenges of removing toxins from certain foods you are eating. This may be due to consuming too much meat, dairy or hint at a possible food sensitivity or allergy.

Practices to Clear Acne Between the Eyebrows
•    Avoid late night foods. Sleeping while your digestive system is trying to break down foods can be a more complicated issue than we realize. Be sure you have at least one to two hours after eating before bedtime.

•    Reduce or avoid alcohol, which can be difficult to process by the liver, especially when it is working on overload. Allowing the liver to replenish and heal helps you process that glass of wine later.

•    Eat plenty of leafy greens and lighter foods to enrich your diet such as salads, soups and roasted vegetables.

•    Try a guided meditation online or sit and follow your breath. Simply sitting still can be an incredible way to rest and reset in just minutes.

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