Myth #3 Marriage Means We’ll Work It Out Together

No you won’t. Not always. Some days you’ll work it out together. Like when you’re well rested and just ate a good meal and the weather is perfect and you have the day off and time is but a number. But other days you can’t.

You’ll need to work it out alone or with friends or with a few dozen cocktails or over time or in your sleep or in nature. It’s highly probable that your beloved processes emotions in a very different way than you do. Your job? Take care of your own junk. Work it out as best you can. Talk it out. Write it out. Space it out. But consciously choose the times to do it with your partner because you are in it for the long haul. Your partner is not your therapist. Your partner is not your dumping ground. Your partner has feelings, too. There’s no rush to have you both witness every gory detail of spiritual gruel that comes up. Be kind to yourself. Take some space. Share when you’re ready and not a moment sooner.

Are you married or in relationship? Have you experienced myths on the subject that you’d like to share? Please send me any thoughts, ideas, or stories you feel could compel the conversation forward.

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