Breath Work + Herbs: Resources for Self Care

There’s a Buddhist Slogan that says, if you can practice while distracted, you are well trained. It points to why we do the yoga or the breath work or the meditation. So that in times of despair we can return to a place of peace, a center within. Self care is always an ongoing relationship. And much of the work is figuring out what you need when. I wanted to share a few self resources that may be helpful during this time of transition.


For scratchy throat and dry coughs:

Marshmallow Root: To make a cold infusion, fill a mason jar with room temperature water and one inch of marshmallow root. Let sit on the counter overnight. Strain the root squeezing out “the slime” – this is what helps soothe the irritated passageways. Drink throughout the day.

For allergies, itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing

Nettles: High in minerals and an excellent aid for reducing inflammation. Also supports waste elimination. Buy in bulk or as nettle tea bags and prepare each morning.

For immunity support

A favorite morning tonic: grate fresh turmeric, ginger root, a dash of black pepper and half a lemon in a cup of hot water.


•    A 25-minute guided breathing practice from yoga teacher Alison Smith

•    Step-by-Step instruction for Nadi Shodana – alternate nostril breathing practice.

•   Tonglen is a practice based on giving and receiving. It can be tremendously helpful in times of grief, anger, sadness, or worry. Head here to try this practice at home..

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