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Welcome to my journal. Each week I share a story that turns my mind with the insights, goof-ups, and lessons I discovered in the exchange. I also believe that the good life takes practice. Here’s where I’ll share resources in meditation, self care, daily ritual, wholesome nutrition, and the best in body~mind wellness. Thanks for reading and welcome to the family.

Denmo Ibrahim
Founder & CEO Earthbody

Random Acts of Joy

During the holidays, it’s easy to overindulge in the wrong things. This is why some of us have ulcers and bad skin and our knees hurt. Because we try so hard to enjoy ourselves and be happy. But this logic

Cannabis Rituals

Our new Cannabis-Infused Spa Rituals are crafted to enhance the therapeutic benefits of massage. These treatments feature herb infused oils blended with Cannabinoids (CBD) to help relieve pain, inflammation and tension.

Spring Ritual

Spring Ritual

NEW! Energize the soul with Spring Ritual, designed to stimulate chi, boost emotional well-being and inspire a gentle detox for mind and body. This 90-minute hot stone massage opens up the lower and upper chakras to restore balance…

The Confidence of Confusion

The Confidence of Confusion

When we open our mind, we can gain a new perspective. Change becomes possible yet choice can still be confusing. Letting go of old habits, habits that keep us small, can leave us wanting to fill that void immediately with

Wild Omar Season

The end of the year has always held a special place in my heart. And by special, I mean overwhelming.

The Art of Relaxation

“My aunt went in for her yearly eye exam and the doctor said, “Well, it looks like you have a little pressure behind your eyes. Do you have high blood pressure?” She does. “How are your stress levels?” High and

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